Freeman has taught cooking classes for large groups and private instruction. Demonstrations or hands on classes are both available.  He can customize the class to a particular need or use topics which he has selected.  Learn more than just a recipe, learn how to cook.  From knife skills, to soups, sauces, baking and more, Freeman makes cooking like a professional accessible to the everyday chef.

My business will feature a basic series cooking class for non-professionals with less time available in their work schedules than what the culinary programs require.

Please please contact Freeman Gunnell with questions or requests.

See a list of past cooking classes and ideas, or read the descriptions of some of our available cooking classes

  • Knife Skills Class Part 1
    The knife skills classic techniques taught at an introductory level: Dicing, Julienne, and preparing various vegetables. Please bring chef knife, paring knife, cutting board, and a take home container. We will assemble a pasta primavera and toppings for hand made pizzas with the ingredients of our newly acquired knife skills. This course will also offer an introductory level of knife sharpening skills.
  • Knife Skills Class Part 2
    This course is designed to advance speed, accuracy and proper technique of using a knife. In this hands-on course, students will demonstrate competency and skills covered in the first knife skills class or through previous training. Learn new cuts and techniques such as batonette, tournay, and brunois preparing fruits and vegetables. This course will also cover an advanced level of knife sharpening skills.
  • Bavarian Traditional Menu
    “Oktoberfest” Menu to be presented in English and in German with the assistance of an interpreter. Come and experience one of the world’s most celebrated “food festivals” from a die-hard Bavarian fan! From living and working in Munich, Germany – Freeman Gunnell is passionate about German cuisine and will share his enthusiasm through the most well known Oktoberfest faire. In this course we will have a traditional menu including Fresh White Sauerkraut and Red Kraut, Pork Schnitzel, and the ever-popular Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce.
  • Celebrate Spring Vegetables
    This class will highlight the vegetables of spring such as tender asparagus, wild mushrooms and morels, wild leeks and other enticing veggies sautéed in a garden salad, soup or as a light pasta entrée.
  • Filo or Phyllo and Puffed Pastry Creations
    This class will feature both savory and sweet filo dough and puffed pastry creations. Come and learn to make a savory goat cheese napoleon, sun dried tomato and spinach pie, date tarts and pistachio filo desserts.
  • Cinco de Mayo
    Prepare ahead and learn to celebrate May with a fiesta feast! Learn to make Taquittos, Corn Husk Tamales and Authentic Enchiladas.
  • Spring Fruit Desserts
    How about making something that not only looks great, but also tastes outstanding? Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying the fresh sweet taste of Spring. In this class, we will make a fruit and berry cobbler, Bavarian custard flan and shortcake that you can top with whatever is fresh and in season!
  • Local and Seasonal
    We can work together in preparing and cooking vegetables locally. Bring in fresh vegetables from a farmers market or local farmer and your materials cost is only $2.00. I will bring the condiments, oils, and seasonings and show you how to clean, prepare, and cook different vegetables and dishes. Please specify with the Community House if you plan on bringing in vegetables for the reduced materials cost upon registration.
  • Entrée Salads
    It’s Summer time! Our tastes change for summer and entrée salads are a light complete meal alternative to the winter heavier meals. The class will feature three different salads as a meal with Salmon and mixed greens with a roasted tomato vinaigrette, Chicken salad with spinach, romaine, avocado, onion and a chili lime aioli, and a vegetarian optional nicoise salad.
  • Breads
    Making your own bread is the quintessential cooks challenge. Nothing is more satisfying that kneading, rolling and baking your own loaf. In this course, you will learn how to make 3 intermediate level breads and you will be given the basics to improvise and make your own breads at home. We will create a Country Sourdough made from Levain, Pumpernickel with Rye Poolish starter, and a delicious Egg Bread Challah with dried fruit for extra flair made from a classic “sponge” method of baking.
  • Polenta and Potato Pancakes
    Let your side dish play a main role! In this course, learn to feature three versatile starches to compliment various main courses. Enjoy making and sampling a vegetarian risotto prepared with fresh peas and pecorino-romano cheese, roasted garlic and wild mushroom polenta and an apple and sweet potato pancake.
  • Fritters and Beniets
    Celebrate Fat Tuesday Bon Appetite Style! Learn to make Beniets and Fritters Three ways with accompanied sauces. Some examples include apple fritters with caramel sauce, chocolate beniets with orange citrus sauce or raspberry filled beniets with vanilla anglaise.
  • Spring Appetizers
    Awaken your palate to the spring season with mini hors d’oeuvres. Learn to make a delicious warm asparagus, mushroom and goat cheese wraps in phyllo dough, polenta squares, and toasted croutons topped with roasted pepper and a three-cheese trio.
  • Mini Petit Desserts
    We will make a few favorites in miniature style key lime cheesecake bars, erdbeere speise (strawberry spears), and crème brulees. Wonderful little bites for spring and summer gatherings. Please bring a small disposable container with you to class for food to take home with you.
  • Secrets of the Chef’s Pantry
    Learn how to stock your pantry like the pros do! This course is a must for chefs who really enjoy cooking at home. Professional chefs always keep certain basic ingredients on hand as well as unique specialty items, which make ordinary dishes a cut above standard fare!
  • Pan Searing and Sautéing Seafood
    Learn about the different categories of seafood, inspect for quality and freshness. In addition we will cover two versatile styles of preparing seafood dishes. A very popular class – register early!
  • Apples and Pears
    A great time of year to enjoy some of the best Michigan’s harvest has to offer. Learn how to make pear bread pudding, frangipane tart, and apple crisp.
  • Squashes and Pumpkins
    There are an amazing variety of squashes and pumpkins to be used for sweet and savory dishes. This class will give you wonderful options for desserts as well as vegetable accompaniments for your entrees, three examples demonstrated in class.
  • Expanding Your Palate with Herbs and Spices
    Learn how to enhance your cooking by learning how to match your ingredients with herbs and spices. Equally important, learn when to use them in the cooking process.
  • Learning to Love Legumes and Lentils
    Beans are an invaluable source of protein and fiber and act as a wonderful alternative to meat. In this course, you will learn to prepare delicious, hot side dishes and cold salads using legumes and lentils.
  • Marinades (A must for summer grilling)
    Dry or wet marinates are an outstanding way to bring out flavors and complement not only your favorite meats or poultry but also seafood as well.
  • Salsa and Guacamole (Perfect for barbecues)
    What a great dish for all the fresh garden tomatoes you have piling up. Salsa is quick and refreshing for a summer appetizer at your family’s picnic. Guacamole and salsa are better yet. The two together make an excellent combination.
  • Salads and Vinaigrettes
    Salads and summertime are made for each other — less heat and less time in the kitchen.
    Learn how to assemble a great salad and different vinaigrette possibilities.
  • Learning Basic Sauces That Make The Dish
    Sauces really enhance the flavors of a meal. Learn three sauces veggie roasted pepper sauce, Alfredo sauce, and a chicken sauce. Along with these sauce bases we will discuss the basics of sauces preparation and different variations .
  • Valentine Sweetheart Desserts
    What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate? We will make a chocolate cake with strawberry mousse filling and chocolate dipped fruits so you will never have to go without the king of sweets.
  • Get Creative with Italian Classics
    Learn to make two basic Italian Classic pasta sauces that you can get creative with at home! Marinara and Alfredo sauces are the bases for several other great sauces! Chef Freeman Gunnell studied under Chef Macia Innocenti in Florence, Italy where he expanded his knowledge on authentic Italian Cuisine. Bring the taste of Florence to your kitchen by also learning how to make fresh “flavored” pasta using an authentic Italian pasta maker.
  • Spring into Summer with Fresh Salads and Salad Dressings
    With summer right around the corner, salad season is here! Make your own fresh salads and delicious salad dressing from scratch. We will top fresh mixed greens and a spinach based salad with 2 different types of dressings. Learn how to make a basic mayonnaise dressing which you can use to make Caesar, creamy Italian, creamy herb dressings and more! Also learn how to infuse herbs and oils for several different vinaigrette based dressings.
  • Bread Baking
    This course will consist of three common methods of baking. The first method is the “sponge” method for baking sandwich bread and dinner rolls. The second method is the “poolish” method for baking hearth breads and rye breads. The third method is the “levain” method for baking sourdough breads. Participants will have an opportunity to taste a new bread each night. At times, the instructor will be baking the bread of the evening while the class is preparing their breads. The participants will taste the instructors bread and be able to take home their dough to bake at home. This course could be taught in 4 weeks.

    • session 1: Incorporates a bread baking time line “how to go from the mixer to the oven”, an introduction to breads, and making bread with fresh yeast using the sponge method.
    • session 2: Participants will learn about and make a bread starter.
    • session 3: Incorporates working with various dough and proper cutting and rolling.
    • session 4: Incorporates proofing and baking.

  • Salsas Rojas and Verde (Red and Green)
    Enjoy making tasty salsas that are quick and simple to create. Whether you like it hot or mild, this class will cover all the bases of peppers and how to control the “heat” in every dish. Learn to make delicious salsas both red and green; Tomatillo Salsa Verde, Mole Ancho Chile Salsa, Pico Di Gallo, Corn Salsa, Poblano Pesto.
  • Aioli and The Real Mayonnaise
    Learn how to make condiments to complement fish, vegetables, salads, and sandwiches. In this course, you will learn to make the base recipes and from there, use simple techniques to master many flavorful dishes. This class is a must for “kitchen garden” cooks searching for some creative inspiration.
  • Grilling and Marinades
    Fire up the Grill! Dry or wet marinades are an outstanding way to bring out flavors and complement not only your favorite meats or poultry but vegetables and seafood as well. This course will inspire you to use fresh herbs from the garden to create delicious marinades that transform a standard BBQ favorite to a memorable grilled delight!
  • Summer Fruit Desserts
    How about making something that not only looks great, but tastes outstanding. Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying summer fruits at their peak. In this class we will maximize the freshness of summer fruits and master simple recipes for a Mixed Berry Cobbler, Homemade Shortcakes and Fresh Strawberries with Raspberry Coulis, and a Bavarian Cream Fruit Flan.

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